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The Mountain Lab provides co-working and meeting space to facilitate businesses and entrepreneurs visiting or located in the region. We offer a mix of standing and sitting common co-working areas, as well as dedicated private office space.


  • Space

    • Located on Old Mammoth Road in the heart of Mammoth Lakes

    • 5 standing, 12 desk based common area spaces

    • 5 dedicated, closed offices

    • Common area space can be converted to classroom style event space hosting 20+ attendees


  • Networking

    • As a mix of business professionals and non-profits, the space is organized to encourage cross-industry connections


  • Atmosphere

    • Open, with abundant natural light on the 2nd floor

    • Wood floors, modern furnishing


  • Pricing

    • Day rates for common area space is $20 per day

    • Monthly open desk space at $125

    • Office space monthly upon request

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